Fragmentarium Fragmentarium

Digital Research Laboratory for Medieval Manuscript Fragments

Fragmentarium enables libraries, collectors, researchers and students to publish images of medieval manuscript fragments, allowing them to catalogue, describe, transcribe, assemble and re-use them.



ULB Innsbruck's fragment project wins award

The Fragmentarium team congratulates its partner project “Die abgelösten Handschriftenfragmente der UniversitĂ€ts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol und ihre digitale Erschließung” and Claudia Sojer for receiving the prestigious 2018 “Recognition Award” given by the Eduard Wallnöfer Stiftung der Tiroler Industrie.

Under the direction of Martin Wagendorfer, the project began its work in October 2018 and will digitize 214 fragment shelfmarks by 2020, publishing the images along with scientific descriptions on Fragmentarium.

For more information on the Project click here.


Fragmentology Launched

Fragmentarium (, the digital laboratory for medieval manuscript fragments, announced today the launch of Fragmentology (, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal dedicated to publishing scholarly articles and reviews concerning medieval manuscript fragments.


Fragmentarium Phase II Announced

The Fragmentarium team is pleased to announce that the Swiss National Science Foundation has approved the project “Fragmentarium Phase II”, to run from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022. The goal of “Phase II” is to turn Fragmentarium from a pilot project into an open research laboratory for medieval fragments. This news means that more and greater things can be expected from Fragmentarium as it seeks to achieve a global scope.


Upcoming Event

Bits and Pieces II: Fragmentarium at Marco Workshop

The Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville has announced the program for the 14th Annual Manuscript Workshop, entitled Bits and Pieces. Fragmentarium Project Manager, William Duba, will present “Fragmentarium: A Laboratory for Medieval Manuscript Fragments”.


Fragmentarium to the Fore at Visual Heritage 2018

At the forthcoming Visual Heritage 2018 Conference, November 12-15 in Vienna, Dr. Katharina Kaska, manuscript scholar and Fragmentarium fellow, has organized a session "From analogue death to digital rebirth", Monday afternoon. Among the assembled international experts presenting on manuscript material are Fragmentarium Fellow Ivana Dobcheva and project associate Veronika Wöber, discussing their work on the library of Mondsee Abbey, and Fragmentarium Project Manager, Dr. William Duba.


Fragmentarium Fribourg Workshop

The next Fragmentarium workshop "Bits and Pieces. Medieval Manuscript Fragments in the Digital Age" has been announced. [...]


Fragmentarium is an international digital research lab for medieval manuscript fragments that enables libraries, collectors, researchers and students to publish medieval manuscript fragments, allowing them to catalogue, describe, transcribe, assemble and re-use them online.

It aims:
  • to increase awareness of medieval fragments
  • to make them more accessible and thus open new avenues of investigation and further medieval fragment research in general
  • to improve networking and cooperation between fragment collections, manuscript and fragment scholars, digital humanities specialists and specialists for text and image recognition
  • to promote digital fragmentology and research on manuscript fragments in the digital age
  • to virtually reconstruct manuscripts from their dismembered parts
  • to create an international inventory of medieval manuscript fragments

Fragments of medieval manuscripts offer an as-yet largely unexplored field of study. Except for isolated initiatives and individual, often spectacular discoveries, traditional manuscript research has so far only marginally undertaken work with fragments. The Internet offers extraordinary potential for overcoming some of the chief difficulties of traditional fragment research. Building on the technology developed by e-codices - Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, Fragmentarium offers an application for scholarly work with fragments. Collaborating with 16 partner institutions throughout Europe and the USA, the project aims, over the next years, to lay the foundations for research on medieval manuscript fragments by providing open standards and guidelines.

Partner libraries: