Terms of Use

Use of images

In general, the use, for non-commercial purposes, of images published on Fragmentarium is free. Some persons and institutions may impose restrictions on usage of their images. Image Rights are indicated on the overview page for each document, and, in the viewer, on the “Rights” tab of the document metadata window (the (i) button)

Some images are designated as being in the Public Domain, and can be used without restriction. For all other images, copyright is claimed by the collection owner. When possible, a Creative Commons license is used; those images published under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) may be used for commercial purposes, provided the name of the holding library, shelfmark (or other identifying notation), and Fragmentarium ID are provided.

Images subject to a ShareAlike restriction must be made available under similar terms as specified by the license.

Images subject to limitations on commercial use (CC BY-NC, and many institution-specific licenses) require a proper source citation and written permission of the holding institution (as specified in the collection contact information) prior to any form of commercial use or republication (e.g., publication, or advertisement, in electronic or print media, company websites, commercial databases, etc.). For images that are part of multiple-collection virtual reconstructions, the individual, collection-specific fragments will contain the collection contact information.

Use of metadata

The use of metadata, excluding fragment descriptions, is generally protected by a Creative Commons Attribution license . Use of this metadata is allowed, provided proper source citation is used.

Use of fragment descriptions

Fragment descriptions have their license and copyright information at the beginning of the description. Most of the descriptions on Fragmentarium are published under a Creative Commons Attribution license  . Some, however, are reproduced from copyrighted works with the express permission of the author or publisher.


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