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Book of Hours (Use of Rome) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1425 – 1450 CE · France · 186 x 134 (90 x 90) mm


Minneapolis, MN, University of Minnesota, Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts (Set 13), no. 29
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  • Simmons School of Library and Information Science LIS 464 (Fall 2018) observations
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Minneapolis, MN, University of Minnesota
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Ege, Otto F. (Fragmentator)

inc/exp: ...rex glori[a]e d[ominu]s virtutum i[ps]e est rex glori[a]e.../...Sedis tua Deus in saeculum...  

illumination/decoration: Left margin decorated with border of delicate single-stem rinceaux, ivy and holly leaf, predominantly gold with a blue flower at the top and a red strawberry at the bottom of the block.  Ten decorated initials: nine one-line and one two-line, burnished gold on a blue and magenta ground with white tracery. Two-line decorated E begins Eructavit, Psalm 44.  Rubrication in red. Notes of wear: Tape on verso. Darker staining/marks around the edges, lines from marking off margins/ruling for text/decoration visible.  Lines marking off text block extend to the edges of the page.

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