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Book of Hours (Use of Rome) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1425 – 1450 CE · France · 195 x 140


Newark, NJ, Newark Public Library, Fifty Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts; Western Europe; 12-16 century. Set number 34., 29. Book of Hours. (Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis).
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Ege, Otto F. (Fragmentator, Seller)

This leaf fragment from a Book of Hours is written in Gothic bookhand and dates to the second quarter of the fifteenth century. It was produced in France for use of Rome. It is located at the Newark Public Library and is number 29 in set 34 of Otto F. Ege's "Fifty Orginal Leaves." The text is part of the First Nocturne in the Office of the Dead, beginning part of the way through Psalm 7 and ending part of the way through Lesson 1 (Job 7). 

Recto incipit: gladium suu[m] vibravit. 

Recto excipit: Confitebor d[omi]no s[e]c[un]d[u]m iustitiam eius et psal-

Verso incipit: psallam no[min]i d[omi]ni altissimi

Verso excipit: Usq[ue]quo non

Description by Ege from "50 Original Leaves" as transcribed by the Newark Public Library: "The treatment of the ivy spray with the single line stem and rather sparse foliage is characteristic of the work of the French monastic scribes about the year 1450. The occasional appearance of the strawberry indicates that the illuminating was done by a Benedictine monk.

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