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Gottschalk Antiphonal – Fragment

Parchment · Bifolium · 1180 – 1200 CE · Lambach, Austria (Stiftsbibliothek) · 326 x 244 mm (each leaf)


Unknown, Current Location Unknown, II.1.i 1 and II.1.i 4, Leaves 33 and 36 in Davis, The Gottschalk Antiphonary (i.e. the third and sixth leaves of the third group of leaves)
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  • Davis, Lisa Fagin. The Gottschalk Antiphonary : Music and Liturgy in Twelfth-Century Lambach (Cambridge (UK): Cambridge Univ. Press, 2000)
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Unknown, Current Location Unknown
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A now-lost bifolium of the Gottschalk Antiphonal, written and illustrated by Gottschalk of Lambach at and for the use of the Stiftsbibliothek Lambach (Upper Austria) in the late twelfth century. This bifolium was formerly bound open as a flyleaf in the front of Lambach, Stiftsbibliothek Ink. II.1.i (Hain-Copinger 13018*). It was seen in the binding by Lisa Fagin Davis as late as 1992 but by 2017 had been removed from the binding and is now lost. II.1.i 1: ...obtulerunt domino aurum.../...Columba protestatur paterna/ II.1.i.4: P. In quo corrig. P. Retribue.../...v. Exurge domine adiuva. Ad [tertia].