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Linking fragments of a Psalter written by Pietro Ursuleo of Capua – Fragment

Parchment · 7 leaves · 1441 – 1483 CE · southern Italy · various
Multiple, Dispersed Virtual Reconstruction, various
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Fragments of a Psalter written in the beautiful humanistic hand of Pietro Ursuleo of Capua (d. 1483), a priest and bishop of Satriano in Calabria from 1474 to 1483.

They are probably from the Psalter once in the library of John Boykett Jarman (1782-1864), auctioned by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge (lot 161) in London 13-14 June 1864. A twin manuscript also written by Pietro Ursuleo is preserved (Cambridge: Trinity College, MS. O.7.46).

A number of fragments traced by Peter Kidd are discussed in his blog Medieval Manuscripts Provenance (10 May, 2014).

  • The Psalter’s colophon in the National Library of Australia Nan Kivell Calligraphic Collection (NLA MS 4052/3/107) was identified in 1982 by Albinia de la Mare of the Bodleian Library.
  • In 2018 Rose Faunce connected a second leaf in the same collection (NLA 4052/3/106) with the two leaves which directly follow it — Dunedin Public Libraries RMM Fragment 32a (containing the text Matthew 26: 47-61) and Rare Books School, Charlottesville Virginia (Matthew 26: 61-68). She has identified the leaf holding the Litany in the State Library of South Australia, and a leaf in the University of Hobart Library (Luke 22: 62-71; 23: 1-8) which precedes the leaf (Luke 23: 8-26) bought by English bookseller Clifford Maggs for his private collection.

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