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Office lectionary – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1290 – 1310 CE · France · 190-95 x 143 mm


Oxford, Bodleian Library, Arch. G e.5, Pastedown to lower board, raised
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Lessons 1 (the last two words only), 2‒8, and 9 (ending imperfectly) from an office lectionary with a set of nine readings for the Night Office on the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany according to the secular cursus, as practised in parish churches, the secular cathedrals, and houses of the Augustinian Canons and Friars: Gal 1:1‒24; 2:1‒10; Mt 13:24, followed by the gospel homily on this passage from Augustine, Quaestiones XVII in Matthaeum, XL (PL 35, col. 1367).