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Gradual (Palm Sunday) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1475 – 1500 CE · Germany · 520 x 340 mm


Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. P 4.1, Cover to upper and lower boards, and spine
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Bod-Inc. A-413. A single leaf employed by an early nineteenth-century German bookbinder as covering material for the upper and lower boards of an incunable printed in folio. Stained dark blue, rendering both text and music virtually illegible.

Hyperspectral Upper Board

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Hyperspectral Lower Board

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Bodleian Library, Auct. 2Q 6.48 (covered with unstained leaf from the same codex discissus as the Gradual covering Bodleian Library, Auct. P 4.1)

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Selection of books held by the Bodleian Libraries likely bound by the nineteenth-century German bookbinder c. 1830

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