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Isidori De natura rerum – Fragment

Parchment · 2 leaves · 800 – 899 CE · 190 x 135 mm
Bern, Burgerbibliothek, A 92.20
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  • Lowe Elias Avery, Codices Latini Antiquiores. A palaeographical guide to latin manuscripts prior to the ninth century. Part VII: Switzerland, Oxford 1956 (Osnabrück 1982).
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  • Hagen, Hermann: Catalogus codicum Bernensium (Bibliotheca Bongarsiana), Hildesheim 1974 (Reprint).
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  • Methodenkurs: Arbeiten mit mittelalterlichen Handschriftenfragmenten (FS 2018 - Christoph Flüeler)
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Isidorus, Hispalensis (Author, Author, Author)

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