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Epiphanius, Homilia (II) in Sabbato magno – Fragment

Parchment · 2 leaves · 1001 – 1100 CE · 293 x 211 mm


Alexandria, Patriarchal Library, Cod. 60 (olim 86; 1002), first two flyleaves
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Content: Sancti Epiphanii, episcopi Constantiae Cypri, Homilia (II) in Sabbato magno. (Two leaves bound together, but it is not clear whether they form a bifolium.) 

1st folio: PG 43, col. 440, line 1 - col. 441, line 35

2nd folio: PG 43, col. 457, line 21 - col. 461, line 6

The text of Homilia is written in a diminutive Greek minuscule script. The text is laid out in two columns, forty lines per column.