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Fulda Legendary – Fragment

Parchment · 1 bifolium · 1151 – 1175 CE · Fulda · 420 x 581 mm


Solothurn, Staatsarchiv, R 1.1.17
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Provenance: Basel

Bifolio from the third volume (May-June) of a Fulda Legendary that originally consisted of six volumes, commissioned in 1156 by Rugger, provost of Frauenberg Abbey in Fulda. This fragment contains parts of the vita of Boniface by Otloh of St Emmeram; it was written by Eberhard von Fulda. The legendary was still used in the middle of the 16th century in Fulda by Georg Witzel (1501-1573) for his Hagiologium seu de sanctis ecclesiae (Mainz 1541) as well as for his Chorus sanctorum omnium. Zwelff Bücher Historien Aller Heiligen Gottes (Köln 1554). Other fragments from this third volume are in Basel and Nuremberg. It shows that this volume, and at least the 6th volume (November-December) of the legendary as well, reached Basel, where both evidently were used as manuscript waste around 1580. The P-initial 1r has a representation of Boniface inside the bowl of the initial; below that is Rugger, who commissioned the legendary.

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