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Sab. Sancto 007509a and Dom. Resurrectionis 005352, 008455a and b – Fragment

Parchment · Cover, pastedown (front), spine · 1301 – 1500 CE · 145 x 152 mm
St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 509
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Host volume: Spiritual Marian breviary: Prayers and meditations in German for the liturgical year.

Fragment: comes from a liturgical manuscript (Antiphonary?) of the 14th-15th century with "Hufnagelnotation" (german plainsong notation) and red-blue rubrics:

  • front cover: Dom. Resurrectionis, 005352: Venite et videte ubi positus erat Dominus Alleluia.
  • front pastedown: Dom. Resurrectionis, 008455a: [J]hesum Nazare[num crucifixum o] celicole.
  • back cover + spine: Dom. Resurrectionis, 008455b: Non est hic surrexit sicut p[raedixe]rat. Ite nuntiate quia sur[rexit de] sepulchro. Venite et videte...
  • inside of the back cover: Sab. Sancto, 007509a: [Ante cujus conspectum mor]s fugit ad cujus [vocem mortui resu]rgunt videntes...
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