Sab. Sancto 007509a and Dom. Resurrectionis 005352, 008455a and b


St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 509

General Information

Title Sab. Sancto 007509a and Dom. Resurrectionis 005352, 008455a and b
Shelfmarks Cod. Sang. 509
Material Parchment

Original Condition

Page Height at least 145 mm
Page Width at least 152 mm
Height of Written Area at least 132 mm
Width of Written Area at least 112 mm
Number of Columns 1
Width of Columns at least 112 mm
Number of Lines at least 4
Line Height 36 – 37 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions 145 x 152 mm

Book Decoration and Musical Notation

  • Musical Notation German plainsong notation (Hufnagelnotation)
  • Content

    • Content Item
      • Text Language latin
      • Title Sab. Sancto 007509a and Dom. Resurrectionis 005352, 008455a and b
      • Content Description

        Fragment: comes from a liturgical manuscript (Antiphonary?) of the 14th-15th century with "Hufnagelnotation" (german plainsong notation) and red-blue rubrics:

        • front cover: Dom. Resurrectionis, 005352: Venite et videte ubi positus erat Dominus Alleluia.
        • front pastedown: Dom. Resurrectionis, 008455a: [J]hesum Nazare[num crucifixum o] celicole.
        • back cover + spine: Dom. Resurrectionis, 008455b: Non est hic surrexit sicut p[raedixe]rat. Ite nuntiate quia sur[rexit de] sepulchro. Venite et videte...
        • inside of the back cover: Sab. Sancto, 007509a: [Ante cujus conspectum mor]s fugit ad cujus [vocem mortui resu]rgunt videntes...
      • reconstruction2_csg509

    Host Volume

    Title Spiritual Marian breviary: Prayers and meditations in German for the liturgical year
    Date of Origin/Publication second half of the 15th/ first half of the 16th century
    Place of Origin/Publication probably St. Gall
    Shelfmark Cod. Sang. 509

    This manuscript, probably from a nuns’ convent in St. Gall, contains a cycle of prayers and meditations through the liturgical year, beginning with Advent and on through Christmas, Easter, Pentecost to the Assumption of Mary. The visions of the Nativity of Jesus of Saint Bridget of Sweden and a rosary, among others, are interspersed. This codex is written by a single hand which, along with others, can also be found in the sister manuscript Cod. Sang. 510.
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