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Evangeliary – Fragment

Parchment · 1 folio · 781 – 820 CE · 275 x 185 mm
Müstair, Benediktinerinnenkloster St. Johann, XX/48 Nr. 20
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  • Albert Bruckner, Scriptoria Medii Aevi Helvetica 1, Schreibschulen der Diözese Chur, Genf 1935.
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Provenance: Switzerland

Parchment fragment (1 leaf) with an excerpt from an evangeliary from around 800. The text is written in a graceful Rhaetian minuscule. The titles are rubricated and individual uppercase letters are executed in red. The surviving section of text covers Septuagesima to Quinquagesima Sundays well as the Sundays and weekdays from the first Sunday of Lent to the first Passion Sunday.

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