Book of Hours



Canberra, The Australian National University Library, Shelfmark Pending

Maggs Bros., European Miniatures and Illumination & Calligraphy also early writing from Egypt. Bulletin No. 11. London (November 1982) , 29

Remarks by the Editor:

no 93 in catalogue, plate XXXI.

General Information

Title: Illuminated vellum leaf from a Book of Hours.

Date of Origin: c. 1520-30

Persons (scribes, annotators): French Illuminator

Script, Hands:

Written in a flourished cursive script (precursor of the civilite types introduced by Granjon in 1559)

Original Condition

Number of Lines: at least 14

Current Condition

More about the Current Condition:

A most attractive and unusual leaf, in beautiful condition with wide margins.

Book Decoration


With two 2-line and sixteen 1-line initials in burnished gold on parti-grounds of blue and red, white tracery decoration; also thirteen line-fillers in a matching style. One floral side-border with two acanthus curls, in matt gold and colours.



Collection of Otto F. Ege, no. 50.