Book of Hours

Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis


Canberra, The Australian National University Library

General Information

Title Book of Hours
Material Parchment
Place of Origin France
Script, Hands

Cursive gothic script skilfully penned with accented letters and flourished initials.

Original Condition

Number of Columns 1
Number of Lines 14

Current Condition

Dimensions 165 x 115 mm

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


One 2-line and 18 1-line initials in burnished gold on blue or pink grounds with ovals painted in the opposite colour and heighted in white. Matching line fillers. Marginal panel (recto) of acanthus tendrils in blue and gold and scattered flowers, petals and leaves.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language Latin
    • Content Description

      Beginning of the Te Deum hymn

      1. Te deum

      2. laudamus te dominum con

      3. fitemur. Te eternum patrem

      4. omnis terra ueneratur

      5. Tibi omnes angeli tibi celi et

      6. uniuerse potestates /

      7. Tibi cherubin et seraphin

      8. in cessabilli uoce proclamat

      9. Sanctus

      10. Sanctus

      11. Sanctus

      12. Dominus deus sabaoth

      13. Pleni sunt celi et terra

      14. maiestatis glorie tue


      1. Te gloriosus apostolorum chorus

      2. Te prophetarum laudabi-

      3. lis numerus

      4. Te martyrum candidatus

      5. laudat exercitus

      6. Te per orbem terrarum sancta

      7. confitetur ecclesia

      8. Patrem inmense maiestatis

      9. Uenerandum tuum uerum et

      10. unicum filium

      11. Sanctum quoque paraclitum spiritum.

      12. Tu rex glorie xpiste (criste)

      13. Iudex crederis esse uenturus

      14. Iu patris sempiternus [es] filius



The leaf is from a Book of Hours dismembered by Otto F. Ege for inclusion in 42 specimen sets of medieval manuscript leaves he compiled in the 1940s under the title "Fifty Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts". The leaves from the Book of Hours are no. 50 of the 50 chosen exemplars.

The leaf came onto the market in 1981, sold by Maggs Bros to the Friends of the Australian National University Library.

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  • Maggs Bros., European Miniatures and Illumination & Calligraphy also early writing from Egypt. Bulletin No. 11. London (November 1982)
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  • Otto F. Ege, Fifty Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts, Western Europe XII-XVI century, c1940
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