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Gregory the Great’s homilies – Fragment

Parchment · 2 leaves · 781 – 820 CE · 290-300 x 200-210 mm
Müstair, Benediktinerinnenkloster St. Johann, XX/48 Nr. 9
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  • Albert Bruckner, Scriptoria Medii Aevi Helvetica 1, Schreibschulen der Diözese Chur, Genf 1935.
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Provenance: Switzerland

Fragment of a copy of Gregory the Great’s Homilies on the Gospels, created around 800. Two excerpts remain: the first section of text, consisting of parts of chapter 17 (17.16-17.18), is a commentary on Luke 10, 1-9, i.e. the verses concerning the sending out of the seventy-two disciples. The second section of text, containing parts of chapter 18 (18.2-18.3), refers to John 8.46-59. These verses are a commentary on a dispute between Jesus and “the” Jews as well as the high priests; it concerns the identity of Jesus or rather his claim of identity, his message and the rejection thereof. 

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