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Bede's commentary on Luke – Fragment

Parchment · 16 leaves · 826 – 850 CE


[sine loco], codices restituti, Paris, BNF, Baluze 270, f. 124-131 + Paris, BNF, lat. 5288, f. 34-41
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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France · [sine loco], codices restituti
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Two collections of fragments that were first gathered by Étienne Baluze (1630-1718) contain the two first quires of a lost copy of Bede's Expositio in Lucae euangelium, written in the second quarter of the IXth century.

To my knowledge, the rapprochement of both parts is suggested here for the first time.

Cf. Bischoff, KFH III, 3947 and 4357.