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Benedictio maior salis et aquae – Fragment

Parchment · One leaf (broken into two parts by the breakage of the book cover) · 866 – 899 CE · Tyrol (?); Northern Italy (?) (ex Bischoff, Katalog I, 1998, 324) · 240/281 x 207/222 mm


Innsbruck, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol, Frg. 24
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  • Claudia Sojer, Viviana Kleinlercher, Sieglinde Sepp für Fragmentarium 2020
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Schnalser Kartause (Previous Owner)
Provenance: Schnals
Origin: Tirol

Compare with ULBT, Frg. C33 (same host volume).

ULBT, Frg. 24 and ULBT, Frg. C33 differ palaeographically and in their contents. Nevertheless, it cannot be excluded that both fragments originate from the same original manuscript anthology, since the consistency and structure of the parchment (especially the hair sides) are almost identical. The writing frame is also identical.

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