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Chansonnier français: Trouvère c – Fragment

Paper · 4 leaves · 1370 – 1380 CE · France · 275 x 200 mm
Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. A 95.1
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Bongars, Jacques (Previous Owner)
Gamart de Vilers (Author, Author)
Jacques Bongars, 1554-1612 (Previous Owner)
Jakob Graviseth von Landeck, 1598-1658 (Previous Owner, Previous Owner)
Jean Acart de Hesdin (Author, Author)
Jehan Bretel (Author, Author)
Jehan Simon (Author, Author)
Jehan de Grieviler (Author, Author)
Perrot de Neles (Author, Author)
Robin de Compiegne (Author, Author)
Provenance: Berne
Origin: France
Origin: Paris

Fragment of a 14th century French Trouvère manuscript. It contains 18 jeux-partis (17 with the participation of Jehan Bretel) and a fragment of the Prise amoureuse by Jean Acart de Hesdin; all chansons except for one are attested in the parallel version. The songs have been transmitted without notation.

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Chansonnier français: Trouvère c
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Jean Acart de Hesdin: Prise amoureuse
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