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Menaion for September – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf & 1 strip · 1201 – 1300 CE · 235 x 163 mm (?)


Mount Athos, Monastery of Iviron, Cod. 34 (Lampros 4154, Monastery 273)
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The surviving leaf and strip contain fragmentary text from a Menaion for 14-15 September. The text is written in a Greek minuscule script, in two columns.

The leaf (f. 1) is found at the beginning of an early-fourteenth-century parchment codex of theological texts. The strip passes behind the first bifolium (ff. 2-3) of the texts, and is visible on the images for f. 2r and 4r. The reading order is f. 4ra-1va-4rb-1vb (Matins for 14 September), 2ra-1ra (Vespers for 15 September), 2rb-1rb (Matins for 15 September).

The boards of the codex are lined with black leather in the Byzantine fashion. The cover is decorated with rectangular frames.