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Severianus Gabalensis, Homilia de Legislatore – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 901 – 1000 CE · 398-402 x 250-275 mm
Nicosia District, Monastery of Kykkos, Cod. 36
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  • C.P. Kyrris, diplomatic transcription of the inner side, recto (Catalogue, pp. 326-327)
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  • C.N. Constantinides, philological transcription of the inner side, recto (Ἡ Στάχωση τοῦ Κώδικα 9 ..., p. 55)
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  • C.N. Constantinides, diplomatic transcription of the inner side, recto (Ἡ Στάχωση τοῦ Κώδικα 9 ..., p. 56)
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  • Transcription of the outer side of the leaf, verso (work-in-progress)
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A 10th-century parchment leaf was used in the binding of a 16th or 17th-century paper codex containing Nikephoros Blemmydes᾿ Logic.

The leaf, written in bouletée script, provides fragmentary text from the Homilia de Legislatore by Severianus Gabalensis, PG 56, cols. 400.50-401.38 (inner surface, recto side) and 401.38-402.15 (outer surface, verso side), with some small text variations.

The current fragment may be the oldest surviving script in the collection of Kykkos, dating to almost a century before the foundation of the monastery itself

One more option of scan. Sequence of the text (inner surface - front outer surface - back outer one)
In situ (Wrapper)
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