Severianus Gabalensis, Homilia de Legislatore


Nicosia District, Monastery of Kykkos, Cod. 36

General Information

Title Homilia de Legislatore
Shelfmarks Cod. 36 (Pantelidis and Kyrris 9, olim 717)
Material Parchment
Date of Origin 10th century
Script, Hands

The text is written in bouletée script

General Remarks

Dating is based on palaeographical criteria.

Original Condition

Page Height 398 – 402 mm
Page Width 250 – 275 mm
Number of Columns 2
Number of Lines 37

Current Condition

Dimensions 398-402 x 250-275 mm
More about the Current Condition

The two measurements come from two different published descriptions of the leaf:

402x275 mm, according to C. P. Kyrris (Catalogue, 1973-1975)

398x250, mm according to A. Jacovlević (Catalogue, 2016)

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Decorated initial (inner side : Π) 


  • Content Item
    • Persons
    • Text Language Ancient Greek
    • Title Homilia de Legislatore
    • Content Description

      The inner side (recto) of the parchment leaf, which is clear enough to read, provides fragmentary text from the Homily de Legislatore (PG 56, cols. 400.50-401.38), with some small text variations.

      The outer side (verso) of the parchment leaf, which -owing to wear- is partially legible, provides also part from the aforementioned Homily in textual sequence [PG 56, cols. 401.38-402.15 (?)].

      Thus, the text starts from the inner side, from the first to the second column, exactly in sequence but with some variations. Then, it continues from the outer first column to the outer second one. At the end of the column, the text is abruptly interrupted.

      The Homily de Legislatore is included in works of St. John Chrysostom (PG 56), now attributed to Severianus Gabalensis (CPG 4192).

    • inner_and_outer_surface
    • Remarks
      • The text of the inner side of the parchment leaf was initially transcribed (diplomatically) by C. P. Kyrris in his catalogue of the manuscript collection of the monastery of Kykkos (Nicosia 1973-1975), but without identifying it. 
      • The inner side is transcribed (philologically and diplomatically) as well by C. N. Constantinides in his paper (Ἡ Στάχωση τοῦ Κώδικα 9 ..., 1990), without identification of the text.
      • The philological transcription of the latter one by Constantinides is also included in the catalogue by A. Jacovlević.
      • The outer side of the leaf was not previously readable, thus no identified. 



The origin of the codex which this leaf was extracted from is unknown and the tenth century manuscript is still missing

Host Volume

Title Nikephoros Blemmydes, Epitome Logica
Date of Origin/Publication 16th-17th century
Shelfmark Cod. 36 (Pantelidis and Kyrris 9, olim 717)

ff. 158, paper

  • Note at the beginning of the codex, f. 4v : νικηφόρου τοῦ βλεμίδου μοναχοῦ, καί κτήτορος τοῦ μικροῦ κελλί(ου) κατά τά ἡμεθι. | εἰσαγωγῆς βιβλίον πρῶτον, περί ὄρου κεφάλαιον πρῶτον, χρῆ γινώσκειν | κατά πόσων σημείωνμείων (!) ὁ ὅρος λέγεται, περί ὅρου, περιδιαιρέσε(ως)
  • f. 6r : ἀρχή τοῦ προοιμίου (Ιnc.) : Ἐπειδή περ ἡ λογϊκή ἐπϊστήμη, πρὸς τὴν ἱερὰν γραφήν καὶ πάντ(ας) | τοὺς τῆς ἀληθεί(ας) λόγους


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    Concerning the attribution of the Homily de Legislatore: J.A. De Aldama, Repertorium Pseudochrysostomicum, Documents, Études et répertoires publiés par l'Inst. de Rech. et d'Hist. des Textes, 10, Centre Nat. de la Rech. Scient., Paris 1965, p. 182.