Abulcasis, 936-1013

Author (1)
Astrological text (?), Juridical text
Paper · Two pastedowns (each broken into two parts, because the wooden covers of the book are broken) · 245/278 x 163/186 mm (reference ULBT, Frg. D3_1)


Innsbruck, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol, Frg. D3

Abraham Tortuosiensis (Translator) | Abulcasis, 936-1013 (Author) | Franciscus Pedemontanus, -1320 (Author) | Johannes Mesue, asi 777-857 (Author) | Kloster Neustift Augustiner Chorherrenstift Brixen (Previous Owner) | Nicolaus Salernitanus. | Antidotarium (Author) | Raynald de Novimagio (Printer of Host Volume) | Simon a Cordo, ca. 13. Jh (Author) Found in: Person attached to description
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