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Boethius, De institutione musica (Liber IV, cap. 18, Liber V, Capitula) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 trimmed bifolium · 901 – 1000 CE · 139 x 205 mm
Solothurn, Staatsarchiv, R 1.1.9
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Provenance: Kanton Solothurn
Provenance: Schönenwerd

A leaf in Carolingian minuscule, containing a fragment of De institutione musica by Boethius (Liber VI, chap. 18 and Liber V, Capitula). It constitutes the upper half of the left leaf of fragment R 1.1.10 from the state archives of Solothurn. It is part of the same manuscript as the fragments R 1.5.7, R 1.5.8 and R 1.1.11 from the above-mentioned archives. It was probably used as binding for a document from the archives of the collegiate church of St. Leodegar in Schönenwerd.

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Detached (Leaf trimmed)
205 × 139 mm
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