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Augustinus: De genesi ad litteram – Fragment

Parchment · 1 double leaf; 3 fragments of an other bifolium · 700 – 733 CE · Luxueil · 300 x 215


Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. A 91.8
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Bongars, Jacques (Author, Previous Owner)
Jacques Bongars, 1554-1612 (Previous Owner)

Bifolium and 3 fragments of another bifolium of a manuscript of Augustine’s De genesi ad litteram, written in uncial script and possibly produced in Luxeuil; other parts were identified in Paris, BN lat. 9377 [F-dm36]. The manuscript came to Bern in 1632 from the holdings of Jacques Bongars. At the time of Hermann Hagen (around 1870), the fragments, originally bound as f. 1-2 and 227-229 in Cod. 224 (composite manuscript containing texts by Isidore), were removed and preserved separately; they were given a new binding by Johann Lindt in 1944. (mit)

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