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Book of Hours (Use of Paris) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1425 – 1450 CE · France, most likely Northern France · 182 x 128 mm


Kent, OH, Kent State University, Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts (Set 15), no. 30, n/a (image of verso only)
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  • Simmons School of Library and Information Science (Boston, Massachusetts) LIS 464 (Fall 2017) observations
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Image of verso only: ...sti locupletare eam.../...Pinguescent speciosa...; 14 lines of text. Illumination borders 14 lines of text. There are four line-height illuminated letters, and for line-filler, all of the same shades of blue red and gold in sweeping arcs. Mirroring the blue/red/gold lettering and spacing is a bar the length of the 14 lines. Thin black vines grow out of the poles of this bar. The vines spread across the page forming a margin around the outer edges of the script. Within the vines there are images of flora, made up of gold leaves, green leaves, red and gold flowers, blue and gold flowers and smaller gold circles. The design is fairly abstract, but does have some type of pattern. Within the text red-score lines can be see marking the line margins and the margins for the decorative baguette bar on the left of the text. The text has biting words and is made up of sharp angular gothic script. Ruling for text can be seen between lines and seen through the illustration. Textural residue is noticeable at the top and bottom right corners. There is also some discoloration along the page.

Description: Verso side of leaf