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Troubadour chansonnier m2 – Fragment

Parchment · 3 leaves and 5 smaller scraps · 1275 – 1300 CE · Western Tuscany (?) · 353 x 235 mm


Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 135 F 28
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Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek
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Origin: Italy

First described in 1983 by Roberto Crespo, m2 consists in 3 leafs (and 5 parchment bits) belonging to the 3rd quire (quires are numbered in red ink on the top margin) of a late 13th Century Troubadour Chansonnier probably copied in Western Tuscany.

The parchments, now detached, were reused to reinforce the binding of a 16th century printed book (Directorium inquisitorum F. Nicolai Eymerici Ordinis Praedicatorum, Venetiis, apud Marcum Antonium Zalterium, 1595).

The fragment contains the vida of Bertran de Born, along with some of his poems and razos

Description: m2 1r-3v and smaller bits