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Epitome of the Collectio Canonum Hispana – Reconstruction

Parchment · 4 leaves · 801 – 825 CE · Lyon
Multiple, Dispersed Virtual Reconstruction, Lyon, BM, 788, f. 100-101 + Paris, BNF, Baluze 270, f. 177-178
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Multiple, Dispersed Virtual Reconstruction · Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France · Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale
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Lyon's City Library and Paris' National Library share parts of a lost copy of the so-called Epitome of the Hispana canonical collection. This copy was written in the first quarter of the IXth century, at a time when Lyons had special relationships with Spain and Lyon's jurists were intensively studying the Hispana systematica.

The rapprochement of both fragments was suggested by André Wilmart («Fragments carolingiens du fonds Baluze»,in Revue bénédictine 43, 1931).

Cf. Bischoff, KFH II, 2587.