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Theological Treatise, Commentarii in quartum librum Sententiarum – Fragment

Paper · One covering (consisting of the gluing of two sheets), two cover boards (consisting of the gluing of six leaves each) · 1480 – 1530 CE · 346/444 x 146/291 mm (reference ULBT, Frg. 11_1)


Innsbruck, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol, Frg. 11
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  • Claudia Sojer, Viviana Kleinlercher, Sieglinde Sepp, William Duba für Fragmentarium 2021
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Kapuziner (Previous Owner)
Origin: Antwerpen
Provenance: Innsbruck

Provenance: print 1545, shelf mark: ULB Tirol, 102.477 (olim: ULB Tirol, 165 C 4). Former owner: Capuchins of Innsbruck. Handwriting on all pieces on both fragment sides preserved. Bastarda of various hands

The cover boards have strong traces of glue on both sides. Due to the gluing of the six sheets, the writing is readable only on the first page in front and on the last page at the back. The cover boards were coated on both sides with wrappers, of which only one is preserved. An inner cover must be added to the inner wrapper, as there are offset traces of another fragment in Textura on the inside of the wrapper.