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Antiphonarium – Physical Reconstruction

Parchment · 6 leaves · 1150 – 1172 CE · Mondsee (Austria) · 285 x 200 mm


Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 15436
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These six leaves served once as pastedowns before they were detached from their host volumes. Certain is that f. 1 was a front pastedown in Cod. 3745, and that f. 3 and f. 6 pastedowns in Cod. 3691. The bindings from both manuscripts are products of the Mondsee binding-workshop. 

From this antiphonary survived the following group of fragments: Wien, ÖNB, Cod. 660Cod. 732Cod. 927Cod. 1355Cod. 1707Cod. 1985Cod. 3628Cod. 3671Cod. 3691Cod. 3745Cod. 3781Cod. 3892Cod. 15436Fragm. 557Fragm. 579Fragm. 603Frag. 604Fragm. 613Fragm. 906Fragm. 954Fragm. 960 (Klugseder 'Gruppe NNA1').