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Book of Hours (Use of Rouen) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1450 – 1475 CE · France · 163 x 122 mm


Stony Brook, NY, Stony Brook University, Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts (Set 19), no. 46 [Z109.e4]
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  • Simmons School of Library and Information Science (Boston, Massachusetts) LIS 464 (Fall 2020) observations
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Stony Brook, NY, Stony Brook University
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Ege, Otto F. (Fragmentator)

"A facie irae i[n]dignationis tu[a]e.../...Respo[n]dit ei in via virtutis su[a]e" (The Seven Penitential Psalm and Litanies, Psalm 101); tape applied to fore-edge of recto (likely by Otte Ege to matte the leaf), fore-edge of leaf is darkened from outside exposure, inner edge of leaf is jagged (possibly from a knife to separate the leaf from the rest of the codex). Dismembered by Otto F. Ege in the 1940s; leaves used as no. 46 in his "Fifty Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts" sets.

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