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Petrus Cantor, De tropis loquendi; Beda, De schematibus et tropis; Recettes médicales – Fragment

Parchment · 3 bifolia · 1101 – 1300 CE · France · 230 x 170 mm


Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. AA 90.20
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Bongars, Jacques (Previous Owner)
Daniel, Pierre (Previous Owner)
Petrus, Cantor (Author)

Three bifolia from a manuscript produced in France, which contained the treatises De tropis loquendi by Peter the Chanter and De schematibus et tropis by Bede. On the last leaf is a collection of French medical recipes. As can be seen from a note on f. 1r, Pierre Daniel and Pierre Pithou exchanged ideas about the content of the text. In 1632, the fragment came to Bern as part of the property of Jacques Bongars.

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