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Augustinus: Retractationes; Texts on the exegesis of the Gospels; Opus incertum de virtutibus et vitiis – Fragment

Parchment · 9 leaves · 901 – 950 CE; 867 – 900 CE · France: probably in the area of Reims-Laon-Soissons · 200 x 140 mm
Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. A 91.2
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Bongars, Jacques (Previous Owner)
Origin: France

This quire of 8 leaves probably originated in the circle of John Scotus (in the area of Reims-Laon-Soissons). It contains a fragment of Augustine’s Retractationes and, after that, some previously unknown exegetical texts on the Gospels. A leaf (f. 5) that is several decades older was inserted into the quire, possibly from the model used for this text; it contains another unknown text on the virtues and vices. This fragment came to Bern in 1632 as part of the bequest of Jacques Bongars.

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