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Book of Hours (Use of Metz) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1410 – 1430 CE · France (Northern) · 150 mm x 105 mm
Northampton, MA, Smith College, Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts, no. 28
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  • Erik Von Scherling (ed)., Rotulus: A Bulletin for Manuscript Collectors, IV, Winter 1937, Leiden.
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Ege, Otto F. (Fragmentator)

Otto Ege FOL 28

Incipit/Explicit: Et habitare eam facit in tabernaculo suo . . . /. . . Illuminare his qui in tenebris  et umbra mortis sedent ad di

Wear in the upper and lower outer corners, indicating a well used volume.

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