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Decrees of the Council of Clofesho 747 – Fragment

Parchment · 8 leaves · 747 – 800 CE · England · 152 × 93 mm
London, The British Library, Cotton MS Otho A I
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Decrees of the Council of Clofesho, 747 (1r–4v: imperfect); Archbishop Boniface of Mainz, Epistola 78 (5r–6v: imperfect); charter of King Æthelbald of Mercia (716–757), 749 (7r–v: Sawyer 92, imperfect); Gregory the Great, Regula pastoralis (8r–v: abridged version, imperfect)
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fol. 1
Detached (Leaf trimmed)
67 × 97 mm
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fol. 2
Detached (Leaf trimmed)
93 × 152 mm
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