Book of Hours (Use of Châlons-sur-Marne)



Canberra, The Australian National University Library

Maggs Bros., European Miniatures and Illumination & Calligraphy also early writing from Egypt. Bulletin No. 11. London (November 1982) , 27

Remarks by the Editor:

This is the description provided in the Maggs sales catalogue. The fragment is listed no. 85 and illustrated (plate XXXI). It is marked as sold, suggesting that the sale was negotiated immediately prior to the printing, too late to drop it from the catalogue.

General Information

Title: Illuminated vellum leaf from a Book of Hours (Litany)

Persons (scribes, annotators): Franco-Flemish Illuminator: c. 1490

Script, Hands:

Written in a brown ink.

Original Condition

Number of Lines: at least 20

Ruling: Ruled in pink.

Current Condition

More about the Current Condition:

In fine condition with wide margins.

Book Decoration


In both pages a floral side-border on burnished gold ground. Initial 'S' at commencement of the lines in matt gold on red and blue background alternately; 'ragged-branch' line-fillers in shaded gold. The floral side-border is different on the two pages: recto, red roses, blue and white acanthus, and blue bell-like flower; verso, white daisies, blue disc-like flower.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: Latin



From the Otto F. Ege collection, no. 48.