The 'Meyrick Page'



Canberra, The Australian National University Library

R. Faunce, "Cataloguing and making discoverable ANU Library's small collection of detached medieval manuscript leaves", The Australian National University, 2018.

General Information

Material: Parchment

Date of Origin: 15th century

Script, Hands:

Red 4-stave music written in a gothic hand and square gothic notation. As is characteristic of antiphons and responsorial chants, there are more musical notes than syllables of text, so the syllables of the text are widely stretched over numerous notes. Viewed in isolation the syallables are virtually unintelligble.

Original Condition

Dimensions (Page Height): at least 490 mm

Dimensions (Page Width): at least 365 mm

Number of Lines: at least 9

Number of Columns: 1

Numbering (pages, folios, etc.):

Foliation in roman numerals (lxxxiiii), in red ink.

The number 1413 is written in black ink at the end of the last 4-line stave (verso). It appears to be a later hand. The significance of this number remains a mystery at this time.

More about the Condition:

Current Condition

More about the Current Condition:

The leaf is tension mounted.

Book Decoration


Decoration includes ten large cadel flourished initials in red, blue and brown, with extended pen trailing on the response incipit Iustum deduxit dominus per uias rectas, and anthropomorphic detail to the capital of the verse incipit Letamini in domino et exulte iusti et gloriamini.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: Latin
    • Title: Transcription of the text - Antiphons and responsorial chants for the Feast Common of one Martyr.
    • Content Description:
      . . . [Letabitur iustus in domino et]
 sperabit in eo et laudabuntur. Om
 nes recti corde alleluia alle
 luia. Uersiculus. Letamini in domi
 no et exultate iusti et gloriamini.
 Omnes. Responsorium Beatus uir qui metuit dominum alleluia. In mandatis e ius cupit nimis alleluia alle
 luia alleluia. Uersiculus. Potens
 in terra erit semen eius generacio rectorum  
      benedicetur. In. Ad laudes. Ego sum
 uia. Alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia
 alleluia alleluia. Psalmus. Dominus regna. Euouae. Responsorium Magna est gloria eius in salutari tuo
 alleluia alleluia. Uersiculus. Gloriam et magnum
 decorem impones super eum alleluia alleluia.
 Uersiculus. Posuisti domine. Responsorium
 Iustum deduxit dominus per uias rectas allelu
 ia alleluia. Uersiculus. Et ostendit illi regnum Dei.
 alleluia alleluia. Ad benedictum antiphona. Alleluia ego suum . . .  



Provenance is sketchy. The leaf was gifted to the Australian National University Library in 1984 by two sisters June Carnahan and Dawn Power (née Meyrick). It is named the 'Meyrick Page' in honour of the donors.

Dawn Power obtained an appraisal (dated 21 April 1983) of the leaf from Dennis E. Rhodes, Deputy Keeper Department of Printed Books, The British Library. He stated that the leaf was from a fifteenth-century antiphoner, and that it "was written in Germany or the Low Countries".

Prior to this it was owned by Ernst von Feder (1824-1904), Karlsruhe. His collector's mark 'v. Feder' is imprinted in black on the recto, 4 x 12 mm (Lugt 923).

Remarks (history):

Memorandum (dated 21 August 1984) from University Librarian Colin Steele records that the leaf was donated by Mrs June Carnahan.