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Aegidius Romanus, Commentary on Aristotle's De generatione et corruptione – Fragment

Parchment · 2 parts of 1 leaf · 1301 – 1400 CE · 155 × 213 mm


Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Cod. 3603, f. I and f. 192
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The fragment contains a commentary on Aristotle's De generatione et corruptione, Lib. 1. The original leaf was cut in two halves used as flyleaves attached around the first and last quire. From the same manuscript (and perhaps the same leaf) come also two strips used as quire guards in the middle of two quires.

Another fragment from the same original manuscript (the following leaf) serves as binding waste in Vienna, ÖNB, Cod. 4030