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Theological text – Fragment

Parchment · Three rectangular strips (from the spine), once two, because the second is broken in two parts (2a and 2b) · 1301 – 1499 CE · 123/124 x 52/54 mm (reference ULBT, Frg. 9_1)


Innsbruck, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol, Frg. 9
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  • Claudia Sojer, Viviana Kleinlercher, Sieglinde Sepp für Fragmentarium 2020
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Louis, Martineau (Printer of Host Volume)
Origin: Paris
Provenance: Vahrn-Neustift

Provenance: incunabulum, shelf mark: ULB Tirol, 107 H 4. From the Augustinian Canons in Neustift near Brixen (South Tyrol).
Handwriting on both fragment sides preserved. Glue and paper scraps on the verso sides. Small Textualis