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Book of hours – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1450 – 1500 CE · France · 149 x 112 mm


Canberra, Private collection, BH5
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Canberra, Private collection · [sine loco], codices restituti
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Origin: France

This leaf was purchased from King Alfred's Notebook LLC in 2018. A previous owner, R. L. Foxell, acquired the leaf in the 1960s. According to Peter Kidd, the stock numbering, inscribed in pencil in the lower margin (verso) 'MS. 1152  £4  25', is associated with Folio Fine Art.

Contents: Hours of the Virgin - Matins, 2nd nocturn. Latter half of Psalm 45: 6-12 and the opening of Psalm 86: 1-12.

Decoration: One 2-line and fourteen 1-line initials in burnished gold on blue or pink grounds with ovals painted in the opposite colour and heightened with white. Matching line fillers. Marginal panel (verso) of acanthus tendrils in blue and gold with long-stemmed blue, rose and red flowers painted on narrow diagonal panels painted in liquid gold.