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Boethius, De Institutione musica (Liber I, cap. 18-19, 20) – Fragment

Parchment · 1 bifolium · 901 – 1000 CE · 286 x 431 mm
Solothurn, Staatsarchiv, R 1.5.7
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Provenance: Kanton Solothurn
Provenance: Schönenwerd

Bifolium in Carolingian minuscule, containing a fragment of De institutione musica by Boethius (Liber I, chap. 18-19, 20). It is part of the same manuscript as the fragments R 1.5.8, R 1.1.9, R 1.1.10 and R 1.1.11 from the state archives of Solothurn. This bifolium was used as binding for the Liber fabricae sub littera C, with accounts from 1522 to 1528 from the collegiate church of St. Leodegar in Schönenwerd. 

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286 × 431 mm
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