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Commentarius in Psalmos; Commentarius in Proverbia Salomonis – Fragment

Parchment · 8 leaves · 801 – 825 CE · France: area of OrlĂ©ans · 31.5-32 x 21-21.5 cm
Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. A 94.4
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Bongars, Jacques (Previous Owner)

This fragment consists of 8 leaves from a large-format manuscript that has long been associated with Theodulf of Orléans. It is actually a quire from Theodulf’s composite manuscript of biblical exegesis, which had until now been thought lost; its remaining parts are contained in MS Paris, BN lat. 15679. The quire, now bound, contains the end of the commentary on the Psalms as well as the beginning of the commentary on the Proverbia Salomonis. Thanks to a partially erased note of ownership, it can be demonstrated that this fragment once was the property of the Abbey of Saint-Mesmin, Micy; in 1632 it came to Bern as part of the bequest of Jacques Bongars.

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