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Manuscript Leaf from a Book of Pericopes – Fragment

Parchment · 1 leaf · 1151 – 1200 CE · 260 x 190 mm


Limerick, Hunt Museum, L 006
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A manuscript in vellum from a book of Pericopes. The scene shows Christ crucified, a chalice filling with blood below his feet. Standing beneath the cross on the right of Christ is Ecclesia carrying a standard and torch. Beside her stands the Virgin Mary in a blue cloak. On the left stands St John and a personified Synagoga with a crown falling from her head, a trailing banner and extinguished torch in her hands. Above the cross are figures representing a mourning sun and moon. The script above the illuminated page is from the Gospel of St John 8:59: Jesus autem abscondit se, et exivit de templo [but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple]. The text on the verso is also from the Gospel of St John, 8:52-55. This manuscript is a sheet from a manuscript in the Cathedral Library at Hildesheim, Germany (Ms. No. 688e).

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