Jeremiah and Lamentations


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 30.1

Harvard University, "HOLLIS+" (Not Printed)

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General Information

Material: vellum

Script, Hands:

Manuscript in a gothic book hand in brown ink in two columns of 48 lines each; with rubrics and initials, chapter headings, and decorative pen work in red and blue. 

General Remarks:

Fragment from the same manuscript Bible as MS Typ 30. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Original Condition

Page Height: 330 mm

Page Width: 217 – 219 mm

Height of Written Area: 185 mm

Width of Written Area: 129 – 130 mm

Number of Columns: 2

Width of Columns: 59 – 60 mm

Number of Lines: 48

Line Height: 3 – 4 mm


"Jeremiah" in top right corner of recto, indicating the section of the Bible on the page

Book Decoration


Includes a historiated initial in blue, pink, lavender, orange, and gold featuring a miniature of the prophet Jeremiah; and a foliated initial in blue, gold, pink, and red.


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    • Text Language: Latin
    • Title: Bible. Jeremiah
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    • Text Language: Latin
    • Title: Bible. Lamentations