Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 1003

Harvard University, "HOLLIS+" (Not Printed)

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General Information

Title: Antiphonary

Shelfmarks: MS Typ 1003

Material: vellum

Place of Origin: Italy

Script, Hands:

The text is written in a large gothic rotunda hand, with music on a red 4-line staff. The verso has an initial letter in blue with red pen-work decoration.

Original Condition

Page Height: 460 mm

Page Width: 300 – 310 mm

Height of Written Area: 400 mm

Width of Written Area: 270 – 280 mm

Number of Columns: 1

Width of Columns: 300 – 310 mm

Number of Lines: 6

Line Height: 15 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions: 56 cm

Book Decoration

Persons: For the attribution of the illumination to Neri da Rimini, date, and list of 11 other leaves from the same antiphonary (originally in 2 vols.; this leaf from the temporale) see Palladino, 18-19.


The initial letter "I" on the recto, within a foliated part-border, is historiated, showing Christ with a kneeling prophet (?), in gouache and gold leaf with tooling.


  •  De Ricci, 1706 (D.28A)

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  • P. Palladino, Treasures of a lost art: Italian manuscript painting of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Metropolitan Museum of Art 2003), no. 5c