Book of Hours (Use of Rome)

Office for the Dead; Matins, psalms 41 & 42


Toronto, ON, Massey College in the University of Toronto, Gurney FF 0001 (Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts (Set 17), no. 29)

General Information

Title Book of Hours (Use of Rome)
Material Parchment
Place of Origin France
Date of Origin 1425-1450
Script, Hands

Gothic bookhand

Original Condition

Page Height 186 mm
Page Width 134 mm
Height of Written Area 90 mm
Width of Written Area 60 mm
Number of Columns 1
Number of Lines 14

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Left-hand border on most pages of rinceaux with scattered flowers and fruit.



Written and decorated in northern France in the second quarter of the fifteenth century.


Broken by Otto F. Ege in the second quarter of the twentieth century.