Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum

General Information

Title Antiphonarium
Material Parchment
General Remarks

A late Gothic hand is visble at the top of the fragment, and on the verso; stenciled "print-like" letters are also present. The page has been repurposed and re-decorated at least once.

Original Condition

Page Height at least 500 mm
Page Width at least 377 mm
Height of Written Area up to 380 mm
Width of Written Area up to 265 mm
Number of Columns 1
Ruling Narrow vertical margins visible.

Recto is labeled 144 in Arabic numerals.

Current Condition

Dimensions 500 x 377 mm

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


A figure of a nun in blue with a white wimple and holding a book sits inside a red E, which in turn is inside a gold square. A border of pink, blue, and purple bell-shaped flowers and their leaves curves into three sides of the page, with gold bezants.

  • Musical Notation

    Four-line red staff (six per page). Two musical hands present. One has a slightly tilted c-clef and virga with thin descenders; the other uses curved c and f clefs, a rounded flat, and puncta that have hairlines on either side, as well as a small and angular custos.

  • History


    Probably btained in Paris in the 1930s.