Plutarch, Philopoemen


São Leopoldo, UNISINOS Memorial Jesuíta, 338215

Remarks by the Editor

With special thanks to Edward Buckner for the identification and transcription of the text. Thanks also to Mark Thakkar and Okihito Utamura for their insightful comments.

General Information

Material Perforated and wormed parchment.
Date of Origin post-1418
Script, Hands

An Italian humanist hand, likely mid-15th century.

Original Condition

Height of Written Area 150 – 170 mm
Width of Written Area 78 – 85 mm
Number of Lines 24 – 28
Line Height 6 mm
More about the Condition

Line height: Fragment 1: 5.9 mm, Fragment 2: 6.1 mm, Fragment 3: 6.2 mm, Fragment 4: 6.3 mm. The variation between fragments is within measurement error, especially since fragments 2 and 4 have the same lines. Fragments attest to 10 lines, and approximately 5.9 words per line; 93 words are between the end of what's visible on the recto and the start of the verso page, giving approximately 16 more lines on the page.

Current Condition

Dimensions Fragment 1: 42x54mm, Fragment 2: 58x40 mm, Fragment 3: 49x38 mm, Fragment 4: 39x59 mm.


  • Content Item
    • Persons Author: Plutarch, Translator: Guarino Veronese
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Philopoemen
    • Content Description

      From the end of Philopoemen, in Plutarch's Lives. The text visible corresponds to Città del Vaticano, Vat. lat. 1877, f. 262r-v and Vat. lat. 1876, f. 161r-v:

      Vat. lat. 1877, f. 262r-v, 1876, 160-161 <Accepto calice siquid de equitib>us presertimque <de licorta audisset percontatur.> Respondente ho- <mine evasisse quamplures capit>e annuit et co<miter intuens hominem> Recte, inquit, dicis, si omni ex <parte nobiscum i>nfeliciter actum no<n est. Nec alia emiss>a voce venenum ha<usit, ac iterato recu>bivit, Nec ulla potionis perturbatio<ne exhibita, st>atim adiuvante morbo ex<tinctus est.> Quom primum ad Achae<os de Philopoemenis  in>teritu perlatum est .. [..93 words = ~16 lines... 262v] sed triumph<ali quadam & victrici pom> pa sacris pa[rentalibus immista. Cernere> erat eosdem

    • Secondary Literature Pade, v. 2, pp. 75-77.

Host Volume

Title Giovanni Battista Guarini, Il pastor fido
Date of Origin/Publication 1605
Place of Origin/Publication Venice
Shelfmark 338215
Persons Giovanni Battista Guarini

Cover is a wrapper.

Previous shelfmarks/inventory numbers:

Sticker on cover: XXIV 23-9

Sticker on spine: 9

Red pencil on top pastedown: 40

Purple pencil on bottom pastedown: 29769

Stamps: Bibliotheca Coll. Max. Prov. Bras. Merid. S.J. São Leopoldo, liberally throughout, on frontispiece covering one reading Bibl. Theolog. S.J. Miss. Brasil.

Ex libris: on top flyleaf, in Pencil, crossed out: R.P. Lopez? Miss. America Bibl. H#

In ink, also crossed out: Liber # Carol# C# de P#

Scan of host volume printing available on Google Books.


  • Marianne Pade, The Reception of Plutarch's Lives in Fifteenth-Century Italy, 2 vols., Copenhagen 2007.