Plutarch, Philopoemen


São Leopoldo, UNISINOS Memorial Jesuíta, 338215

William Duba, Fragmentarium, 2017 (Not Printed)

Remarks by the Editor:

With special thanks to Edward Buckner for the identification and transcription of the text. Thanks also to Mark Thakkar and Okihito Utamura for their insightful comments.

General Information

Material: Perforated and wormed parchment.

Date of Origin: post-1418

Script, Hands:

An Italian humanist hand, likely mid-15th century.

Original Condition

Height of Written Area: 150 – 170 mm

Width of Written Area: 78 – 85 mm

Number of Lines: 24 – 28

Line Height: 6 mm

More about the Condition:

Line height: Fragment 1: 5.9 mm, Fragment 2: 6.1 mm, Fragment 3: 6.2 mm, Fragment 4: 6.3 mm. The variation between fragments is within measurement error, especially since fragments 2 and 4 have the same lines. Fragments attest to 10 lines, and approximately 5.9 words per line; 93 words are between the end of what's visible on the recto and the start of the verso page, giving approximately 16 more lines on the page.

Current Condition

Dimensions: Fragment 1: 42x54mm, Fragment 2: 58x40 mm, Fragment 3: 49x38 mm, Fragment 4: 39x59 mm.


  • Content Item
    • Persons: Author: Plutarch, Translator: Guarino Veronese
    • Text Language: Latin
    • Title: Philopoemen
    • Content Description:

      From the end of Philopoemen, in Plutarch's Lives. The text visible corresponds to Città del Vaticano, Vat. lat. 1877, f. 262r-v and Vat. lat. 1876, f. 161r-v:

      Vat. lat. 1877, f. 262r-v, 1876, 160-161 <Accepto calice siquid de equitib>us presertimque <de licorta audisset percontatur.> Respondente ho- <mine evasisse quamplures capit>e annuit et co<miter intuens hominem> Recte, inquit, dicis, si omni ex <parte nobiscum i>nfeliciter actum no<n est. Nec alia emiss>a voce venenum ha<usit, ac iterato recu>bivit, Nec ulla potionis perturbatio<ne exhibita, st>atim adiuvante morbo ex<tinctus est.> Quom primum ad Achae<os de Philopoemenis  in>teritu perlatum est .. [..93 words = ~16 lines... 262v] sed triumph<ali quadam & victrici pom> pa sacris pa[rentalibus immista. Cernere> erat eosdem

    • Secondary Literature: Pade, v. 2, pp. 75-77.

Host Volume

Title: Giovanni Battista Guarini, Il pastor fido

Date of Origin/Publication: 1605

Place of Origin/Publication: Venice

Shelfmark: 338215

Persons: Giovanni Battista Guarini


Cover is a wrapper.

Previous shelfmarks/inventory numbers:

Sticker on cover: XXIV 23-9

Sticker on spine: 9

Red pencil on top pastedown: 40

Purple pencil on bottom pastedown: 29769

Stamps: Bibliotheca Coll. Max. Prov. Bras. Merid. S.J. São Leopoldo, liberally throughout, on frontispiece covering one reading Bibl. Theolog. S.J. Miss. Brasil.

Ex libris: on top flyleaf, in Pencil, crossed out: R.P. Lopez? Miss. America Bibl. H#

In ink, also crossed out: Liber # Carol# C# de P#

Scan of host volume printing available on Google Books.


  • Marianne Pade, The Reception of Plutarch's Lives in Fifteenth-Century Italy, 2 vols., Copenhagen 2007.