Regimen sanitatis


München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, 4 Inc.c.a. 1512

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This description is the result in part of class discussion at the Laboratorio di umanesimo digitale at the University of Macerata, 3 May 2018

General Information

Title Regimen sanitatis
Material Parchment
Date of Origin 14th Century



From note on front pastedown: the host volume was owned by "Johannes sacerdos et doctor medicine dictus Herle", who may have been the owner of the manuscript. Host volume donated to the Benedictine abbey of Tegernsee in 1502 ("sub Hainrico abbate").


It appears that the same hand that indicates the entry of the codex into the library of Tegernsee also copied the German poem(?) and the list of studies to become a theologian ("nota bene qui vis tendere ad theologiam") on the verso of the last page of the book.

Host Volume

Title Ludovicus de Prussia et Nikolaus Glasberger: Trilogium anime
Date of Origin/Publication 1498
Place of Origin/Publication Nuremberg
Shelfmark 4 Inc.c.a. 1512

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  • H. Hauke and W.-V. Ikas, Katalog der lateinischen Fragmente der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München, Band 3, Clm 29550-29990, Wiesbaden 2013.
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